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AI is impacting the future of virtually every industry including the Human resources department. The worldwide workforce will rely on AI-driven unbiased hiring platforms in the years to come.

Enfinia Working is dedicated to revolutionizing the hiring process by creating industry-specific platforms utilizing cutting-edge technology. Our vision is to create a world of opportunity for skilled workers and drive the workforce forward.

Through Enfinia Working we are pioneering a revolutionary way to search, find and evaluate companies, jobs and candidates.


Our mission is to revolutionize the world of hiring by introducing a suite of globally available and easily accessible AI-driven platforms.


We are building a much better way to hire and be hired with a complete absence of (human) bias - where integrity, drive and skill define candidates' success.




Revolution in Hiring™

AdobeStock_291229207.jpeg Partners is a Canadian company that specializes in developing industry-specific AI-driven hiring platforms.

Our goal is to revolutionize the hiring process by providing all-in-one, integrated solutions for companies.

Our platforms use latest technology, are feature-rich and exceptionally user friendly.

Our mission is to help businesses of all sizes and industries to find the best talent quickly, efficiently and globally.


Breakthrough work platform, designed for students and alumni - “the place” for finding jobs, internships and volunteering opportunities.

Committed to providing a student-centered, school-based experience that is fully remote and accessible from anywhere.

FOR THE SCHOOL  Choice between START.GIG™ generic platform, “white label” solution carrying school name, or a fully customized “private label” option.

FOR STUDENTS  Easy-to-use “one-place” app and platform providing an always-on, feature-rich experience - covering all student and alumni Work related needs and activities.

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It matters how you start™



Better way to hire™

By engaging talent with a more inclusive approach, by increasing the speed and ease of the hiring process, and broadening the scope of talent, organizations leaning on AI will overcome today’s hiring challenges to build workforces that grow.


An all-in-one, AI-driven, easy to use hiring platform for AI and tech talent. Creating synchronized hiring and related solutions to significantly boosts hiring speed and capabilities of African growing startup and scaleup ecosystem.


Top Talent

Easy to use

Boosts capabilities

Identifies top local tech talent 

across the continent.

Provides an easy to use platform - for both candidates and clients.

Significantly boosts startup and scaleup hiring speed and capabilities.

"The revolution in hiring is paving the way for a more diverse, inclusive, and technologically advanced future workforce, where the power of data and automation drives the path to excellence."

- Velibor Koprivica, Managing Partner, Enfinia Growth Partners






Head of Innovation

Head of Product

An IMB-Certified Data Scientist, Full-Stack Software, Web developer with over 6 years of international and local managerial experience.

6+ Years of Data Analytics, Business Intelligence in both for- profit & non-profit sectors, with versatile past startup experience.

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