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Introducing Venture Studio, your dedicated launchpad for pioneering startups. At Venture Studio, we're committed to cultivating innovation and driving entrepreneurial success. With our hands-on approach and extensive network of experts, we provide startups with the resources, guidance, and support they need to turn bold ideas into thriving businesses. Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery, growth, and transformation – where creativity knows no bounds, and breakthrough ventures come to life.

Home of growing companies.™

With a global perspective and a deep understanding of emerging trends, our venture studio leads the charge in shaping the future of businesses across diverse industries. We go beyond merely creating startups; we serve as catalysts for transformative experiences, integrating cutting-edge technologies, adaptive leadership, and a collaborative ecosystem to propel ventures toward success.

At our venture studio, we are rooted in local expertise while making a global impact. We navigate the complexities of the business landscape with agility and foresight, providing proactive solutions and a steadfast commitment to making a positive impact. Our focus on purpose-driven companies drives us to foster innovation that not only generates profit but also creates meaningful change in the world.

By nurturing startups that align with our values and vision, we strive to build a sustainable future where businesses thrive while making a difference in the lives of people and communities worldwide. With every venture we support, we aim to leave a lasting legacy of innovation, integrity, and social responsibility. 

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Empowering creators, revolutionizing entertainment.

Welcome to more™

Fueling the ascent of creators worldwide, MANA delivers a holistic solution to conquer the unique hurdles of content creators. Uniting Content Creation, Event Ticketing, Production, and Merchandise Sales, MANA empowers creators across the entire content journey. From conception to distribution, our integrated approach, enhanced by state-of-the-art web3 technology, propels the creator economy to new heights.


Breakthrough work platform, designed for students and alumni - “the place” for finding jobs, internships and volunteering opportunities.

Committed to providing a student-centered, school-based experience that is fully remote and accessible from anywhere.

FOR THE SCHOOLS Streamline Career Center process, enable better career outcomes. Choice between a “white label” solution carrying school name, a fully customized “private label” option, or a START.GIG™ brandname platform.

FOR STUDENTS  Easy-to-use “one-place” app and platform providing an always-on, feature-rich experience - covering all student and alumni Work related needs and activities.

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It matters how you start™


Better way to hire™

Company building AI-driven work and idea sharing platform for AI and tech talent. Creating an easily accessible, member-driven community for startup and scaleup ecosystem.


Top Talent

Identifies top local tech talent 

across the continent.

Easy to use

Provides an easy to use platform - for both candidates and clients.

Boosts capabilities

Significantly boosts startup and scaleup hiring speed and capabilities.

"The Venture building is the meticulous craft of transforming aspirations into tangible ventures, navigating uncertainty with strategic vision, and shaping the future of industries through innovation and resilience." - Velibor Koprivica, Managing Partner, Enfinia Growth Partners


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